Fibre Cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling

Nothing moves faster than light, making it the perfect vessel for information moving around your business. M-Tech Communications has been working with fibre cabling since it started to become popular over ten years ago, providing us with the experience to manage cable installations, repairs, and even design intricate networks for our clients. This is an infrastructure upgrade which no business should be left without.

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Fibre Installations

Installing fibre cabling is more complicated than simply plugging things in. Our expert team has been working with fibre optic wiring for more than a decade, giving them the ability to handle any installation project you have on the table.

Fibre Cable Management

Fibre cabling needs to be managed properly in order to take advantage of the high-speeds it can provide. The M-Tech team consists of skilled engineers with the right training to meet the standards set out by commercial fibre manufacturers.

Network Consultations

Designing a successful network with fibre optic cable takes care, precision, and expertise, with very little margin for error. Our experience with cable installations gives us everything we need to handle this sort of project effectively, even when you have complex needs.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling offers a range of different benefits. The most well-known of these is speed, with fibre cabling offering far greater speeds than conventional copper. Along with this, it also improves the quality of your network connections, ensuring that data doesn’t get lost, while also being able to transmit information over longer distances. This makes commercial fibre a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Most people don’t have the skills to work on something like fibre optic cabling, though, and the idea of making the change from copper can be a daunting one. Our dedicated team of engineers is there to support you through each stage of your cable installation, from planning and design to putting the cables in place and managing them in the future.

Faster Network

Fibre optic cable is up to 1000 times faster than standard copper wiring, while also being able to span a much greater distance. This ensures that your computers and other hardware isn’t forced to slow down to wait for your network.

Quality Commercial Fibre

Copper network cables rely on heavy shielding to prevent interference from outside sources, though this isn’t always effective. Fibre optic cabling isn’t affected by noise, making it far easier to design and plan your network around your existing hardware.

Brands You Trust

With access to far higher bandwidth than copper wiring, fibre cabling enables you to expand and add to your network without having to upgrade all of your infrastructure. Commercial fibre is perfect for growing businesses of all sizes.

Our Fibre Cabling Manufacturers

While a cable may seem like a simple product, we’ve found significant differences in the quality manufacturers are able to produce. M-Tech Communications only uses fibre products from Excel, Fluke, and Hellermann Tyton, guaranteeing that you’ll receive all of the benefits commercial fibre cabling can provide. Take a look at our brand pages to learn more.